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 The Lift Effect takes executives on a ride of a lifetime, using a network of people, experiences and processes to lift leadership performance. 

- Clare Goodman

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Thinking in Perspective; a leadership challenge


This article focuses on providing leaders with key insights and tools to improve their own performance and that of their teams.Emotional regulation is fundamental to leadership. In Business Schools the focus shifting from the importance of getting the task done to how to motivate and engage others to achieve outcomes. The need for leaders to understand their own emotional drivers and how to manage their arousal levels has never been more important. With that in mind this summary essay provides insight on how leaders can use the knowledge gained by Neuroscientists to manage their emotions. (more…)

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Making behavioural changes stick

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.


Many of us want to make change yet often than not we are met with failure. As a Leadership Coach and Facilitator I work with many people and organizations who want to change and yet struggle to make change stick. Why is that? What can we learn from neuroscience that can support the process?


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Feeling like you need more bandwidth? – SLOW DOWN!

Sometimes I feel like I’m multi-tasking on steroids. My phone is ringing, emails popping up and I’m trying to file client notes, deal with the cat’s latest insect victim and get on with designing workshops. At these times I often walk out of the office without my car keys, client notes or laptop and spend more time having to go back and pick up the missing bits of my life. (more…)

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How wonderful…

I have an invitation to all you pessimists out there, spend a day by starting your sentences with “How wonderful…” and notice how you feel.  This was advice given to me recently, as a genetic ‘glass half empty’ girl I was noticing what was wrong with the world but not paying attention to what is working. (more…)

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