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 The Lift Effect takes executives on a ride of a lifetime, using a network of people, experiences and processes to lift leadership performance. 

- Clare Goodman

The Lift Effect Blog

Technical managers lack leadership?

You are a senior manager with excellent technical skills and capabilities but you struggle with leading your team and making the transition from technical manager to an engaging and effective leader. You may be regarded as a high performer in your area of expertise, however you see the need to develop skills and confidence in leadership. You struggle with the shift from knowledge expert to people management and would like support to help you make the shift more smoothly.

Clare Goodman offers interventions that work.

Evaluating individual strengths and gaps of the new leader

  • 360 process
  • Strengths assessment
  • Personality tools
  • Analysis of individual derailers

Development of the individual leader

  • One to one coaching
    • Face to face
    • Telephone
    • Skype
  • Observed feedback with coach and actor
  • Video feedback with coach and actor
  • Shadow coaching

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