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 ' Before I attended a series of coaching sessions with Clare I was feeling overwhelmed by the workload and demands of my job. Clare shared her extensive knowledge, understanding and practical tools to help me make some changes at work and at home. It has made such a difference that even my team have noticed'. 

- Project Manager at an Engineering Company

The Resilient Leader

People react differently to uncertainty. Some leaders thrive in chaos and yet others struggle with a hint of uncertainty. This program is designed to help leaders to use healthy strategies to embrace uncertainty and maintain perspective during uncertain situations. Resiliency is an ability to perform under challenging conditions.

This one day program will equip leaders to understand the importance of emotional regulation, adaptability and how to build mental strength. The program is highly practical and will furnish leaders with key tools to build personal resiliency. The program is evidence based and incorporates the latest resiliency tools including mindfulness, cognitive strategies, reframing, exercise and food.


  • Gaining a greater understanding of resiliency and why it is important to leaders
  • Exploration of the brains reaction under pressure and how that shapes the leaders reality
  • Reflection on the importance of values and activities that lead to vitality
  • Introduction of a model of psychological flexibility
  • Strategies to gain perspective under pressure through busting cognitive distortions, reframing and mindfulness
  • Introduction to the Cross Training Model
  • Discovering key strategies for each domain of the Cross Training Model
  • Introduction to meditation and mindfulness as a ‘killer app’ for leaders

Cross Training for Leaders

This program is suitable for teams who are focused on building mental toughness. The program comprises of short two hour sessions held over six weeks. This six week program optimises the establishment of new habits, essential for building a resilient life.

The program is designed around a Cross Training model of exercise, food cognitive strategies and mindfulness. Each of these components is supported by rich research demonstrating it’s impact on brain functioning and regulation.

The program has inbuilt habit-enhancers to ensure that the practice doesn’t just stay in the workshop, that leaders make positive change and create new resilient habits.


A focused six week program for groups of leaders who understand the importance of mental toughness in leadership.

  • An integrative program blending the latest neuroscience research and performance theory.
  • Introducing the Cross Training Method; Exercise, food, cognitive strategies and mindfulness.
  • Use of experts to offer latest thinking in the key domains of Cross Training
  • Use of workbooks, diaries and social media to support habit acquisition
  • Group coaching style of delivery over six weeks.

Suitable for;

Groups or teams of leaders

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