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 The softer skills of leadership are not easy to learn, and harder to teach. The presenter was able to communicate their expertise in a real and meaningful way. 

- CFO Multinational Corporation

The Authentic Leader

So “Why should anyone be led by you?” the title of a book by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones. It is an important question for all leaders to answer. This question challenges leaders to think about how they lead and how they impact on the lives of others.

In this Authentic Leader program, “why should anyone be led by me?” is the central theme giving participants to explore their brand of leadership, their values and beliefs and how their deeds and actions impact on their followers.

 The Authentic Leader program is based on giving leaders an opportunity to explore their capacity for emotional intelligence in a series of highly customised scenarios with the use of skilled improvisation actors.

Leaders on the program will receive individual feedback from the actors on body language, facial expressions, tone and presence. This feedback is invaluable to leaders and provides a rich insight. Along with this intense feedback, a variety of 360 degree assessment tools can also be used to provide an all-way learning process.

 The program is challenging for any leader, even those who are well practised however the opportunity for personal learning and development is greatly enhanced by the design of this highly engaging and interactive program.

 “It is better to lead from behind and to put theirs in front, especially when you celebrate victory, when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership” Nelson Mandela


  • Awareness of current leadership models
  • Understanding the role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership
  • How neuroscience can provide insight into a leaders brain
  • Understanding of how body language, facial expression and presence impacts leadership
  • Use of experiential activities and actor driven scenarios to provide feedback and practice to participants.
  • Individual action planning for leadership development.

 Suitable for;

Experienced leaders or groups of aspiring leaders

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