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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is now regarded as a key intervention for the development of leaders.

The Executive Coaching program will include a minimum of three, one hour sessions with a professional coach who will work with the leader to create an individual action plan.

Each coaching intervention is unique to the individual, however it may include assessment and 360 degree feedback tools, action planning and challenge.


IndividualĀ coaching is a confidential conversation between coachee and a coach. The coachee drives the agenda and the relationship whilst the coach provides perspective and insight through a process of questioning and offering insight. The coaching process, enables the coachee to reflect on their thoughts and beliefs and reframe them to make greater sense. The focus is to build self-efficacy and positive action.

Group coaching

Group coaching is similar to one-on-oneĀ coaching but in a group setting. These sessions are more structured in that the group defines the key conversations that they need to have and the coach provides a semi-facilitated group process. This often takes the form of both encouraging open dialogue as well as learning new content or reinforcing thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Shadow coaching

We observe leaders in situ and give real-time feedback. We attend team meetings, town halls and other interactions to provide support and give vital feedback on how the leader is influencing and acting. This is a rich experience that creates significant leadership insights.

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