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 "Clare has helped us lead our organisation through challenging times. Clare has led a series of workshops and coaching sessions with key leaders to prepare them for change and enable them to be high performing throughout this stressful time. Highly recommended" 

- CEO from the Resources Sector

Change-Ready Teams

According to John Kotter, an avid change management researcher and writer,  ”The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.“

The only constant in organisations is change and yet our human brain is happiest when it is able to predict the future, change can cause discomfort for many. Change is not just about process, more importantly it is about engaging people in the change. Without addressing the human element change initiatives invariably fail.

The Change-Ready program will inform leaders on how to engage people through change. Leaders will use the tools and techniques to develop sound change management strategies based on neuroscience and human behaviour. They will also gain an understanding of how they personally respond to change as a way of gaining greater empathy for others. This program can be highly customised and has been crafted to be highly interactive and experiential.

This program is based on change management models, human behaviour, psychology and neuroscience.

The Change-Ready  program has supported many organisations undergoing major change initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions.


  • Understanding how leaders react to change
  • Discovering how to engaging people through change
  • Understanding how the brain reacts to change and ambiguity through key models
  • Learning ‘brain based’ strategies to support people through change
  • Learning how change can be subtly sabotaged if not handled appropriately
  • Discovering how to overcome resistance constructively.
  • Understanding the process for creating positive engagement to change.

Suitable for;

Leaders who are facing change.

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