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 The Lift Effect takes executives on a ride of a lifetime, using a network of people, experiences and processes to lift leadership performance. 

- Clare Goodman

The Lift Effect Blog

Developing C-level leaders.

Attracting and retaining high potential employees should be on the agenda for all Executive teams. Where will the next generation of leaders come from? Most organisations have a gap between senior managers and executive team members, leading to a significant risk. New hires are risky and often fail.Developing existing talent encourages motivation and engagement across the business and acts to retain high potential employees.

Your executive team realise the benefits of developing high potentials within the business, but when you look at the existing talent there is a gap between their current capabilities and the executive level positions. There is no one C-Level ready!

Clare Goodman offers interventions that work.

Step One
Evaluation of high potentials via;

  • Actor based experential leadership scenario’s with observed feedback
  • 360 process
  • Strengths assessment
  • Personality tools
  • Analysis of individual derailers

Step Two
Development of high potentials – C-Level Ready

  • Neuroscience based leadership programs
  • Executive Coaching program – individual or team
  • Strategic experiential scenario’s with observed feedback
  • Senior Leader Resiliency Programs based on the latest neuroscience research incl;
    • Attention and focus
    • Mindfulness
    • Food
    • Exercise
    • Cognitive Strategies to maintain perspective

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