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Disrupting Existing Mindsets.

disruptionBehavioural change is at the core of developing leadership capability. This is perhaps one of the hardest challenges for leaders. We have developed a robust methodology that disrupts existing mindsets, builds self-awareness and creates a personal desire to change. We do this through highly experiential engagements that challenge leaders and teams.

Simulations (Individual and Team Disruption)

We build highly customised business simulations that challenge the leaders to think and act differently. These simulations create a dynamic experience where leaders can reflect on their leadership style in an ambiguous and volatile  environment. This simulations are based around real business issues and run for 2.5 days to full days.

Each simulation is observed by trained facilitators who capture observations on many aspects including individual behaviour, group dynamics and shared assumptions which they share in debriefing sessions.

This collective experience often works to create a deep bond across the team, and the conversations that ensue are honest, direct and open. This leads to greater understanding and empathy for each other, an understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and cultivates collaboration.

Scenarios (Individual Disruption)

To support individual leadership development we can create smaller scenarios that challenge leaders to think and act differently. We use a group of highly experienced improvisational actors to ‘real play’ business specific scenarios. The individual receives personalised feedback on their leadership style, behaviours and body language and they can experiment how to think and act differently in a safe to fail environment.


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