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stock-photo-23691600-blue-arrow-is-hampered-by-obstaclesAs we know many leadership development programs fail. One of the reasons for this is the failure to diagnose the problem and therefore the basis of the ensuing solution is flawed. This is similar to a family GP diagnosing a disease without running tests on the patient. Thorough screening and diagnostics are such a fundamental part of our life yet organisational diagnostics are thin on the ground.

We provide a range of diagnostic tools that capture current leadership effectiveness and the cultural DNA of the organisation.

Leadership Effectiveness Diagnostics (Individual and Team Leadership Development)

We offer a range of leadership 360 degree feedback tools and psychometric assessments. These tools can be used to understand how the leaders are currently perceived and provide valuable insight into individual developmental needs. We use the tools to provide leaders with confidential feedback that can be used as part of an ongoing leadership development program or 1:1 coaching.

Tools include:

  • Human Synergistics suite of products including LSI, GSI and LI
  • Genos EQ leadership tool
  • EQ-I tool
  • Suite of tools – Optimism, strengths and values
  • HeartMath tools for personal resilience

Adaptive profiler (Individual and Team Development)

The adaptive profiler identifies ‘change-makers’. It  assesses the individual and team ability to adapt. This capability is regarded as a core to effective leadership in today’s business world.  The tool measures a number of aspects including:

  • Openness to create and embrace change
  • Tolerance to ambiguity
  • Proactive behaviour and initiative taking
  • Curiosity
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Risk taking

This tool measures the adaptive capacity of individuals those who are you key change agents.  This data is mapped onto the organisational structure to graphically display the distribution of individuals with adaptive capacity.

Narrative insights (Cultural Diagnostic)

As organisations are a complex web of relationships capturing the ‘lived experience’ of the employees is essential to understand how they are influenced by the environment and how they respond. This process enables us to understand how the individuals experience their work life, and identifies the beliefs, values and shared assumptions that form the conscious and unconscious cultural landscape. We do this by capturing and analyzing the stories/narratives of a cross section employees. This data, generates deep insights through key themes and patterns that define this unqiue cultural landscape.  In particular, the analysis highlights the key change-makers and constraints to organisational change. As every group of people (an organisation) is unique, the constraints and enablers will vary greatly and the failure to truly understand the collective beliefs and shared assumptions will undermine any change initiative.




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