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 Clare is all things a facilitator and mentor should be and rarely are; adapatable, measured, direct, honest, entertaining, trustworthy and effective.  

- HR Manager, Property Development Industry


About us

The Lift Effect builds leadership capability fit for tomorrow’s business needs. Pressure on leaders is increasing as our environments become more complex and uncertain. Whether your leaders need to become more adaptive or drive more stability through the organisation we can help. Our programs have been used by a diverse range of companies who each faced different issues such as leading accelerated growth, leading through right-sizing, leading through change and uncertainty and leading through acquisitions and mergers. Our programs are highly customised and sensitive to your organisational DNA.

We use highly experiential business simulations to challenge leaders existing mindsets. These simulations provide the leaders with insight into their own behaviours and the team dynamics. We provide invaluable feedback to your leaders through our team of facilitators and actors and this insight provides drive to change at both individual and team level.

The Lift Effect Approach is grounded  neuroleadership, complexity science, psychology integrated with strong commercial acumen.  Our work is supported by a group of highly trained facilitators, coaches and a team of improvisational actors.



Clare Goodman - Director

Clare works exclusively with CEO’s and Executives to achieve business growth by enhancing their skills and abilities to unify, engage and lead their people. Her focus is to build the strength of the organization via the development of strong leadership capability. She has held a series of senior leadership roles in Australia and Europe and has also established and grown successful consultancy practices in the UK and Australia. Her advice and insight is based on significant commercial experience as well as academic rigour.

Clare uses her substantial experience to challenge existing leadership thinking within organizations.  Clare creates high energy and impactful learning experiences which are rich in content and experiential learning. Driven by the curiosity to understand complex human behaviour, she integrates neuroscience, leadership, emotional intelligence and complexity science to help leaders make sense and navigate the shifting and ambiguous business landscape.  By delivering intense and comprehensive feedback to each participating individual, a strong and enduring platform is built that ensures their reflection, learning and development as leaders.






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Please contact Clare for a confidential discussion on 0403 001 000 or fill out the form below.

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