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Is your work – a job, career or a calling? And does is matter?

Professor Wadhwa from the Personal Leadership Insitute at Colombia Business School offered the question in a recent lecture on the Executive MBA program. For those who see work as a job, they tend to focus on the financial rewards and perhaps express their passions outside of work. For those who see work as a career, they feel the same plus they strive for further reward from advancement and promotion. So what about those who see their work as a calling? Well often they will ask ‘why do people pay me for this?”, as work for them is a joy and they gain intrinsic satisfaction from it.

In a recent study, researchers looked at how people view their work in hospitals in the USA. They interviewed doctors, nurses and the cleaning staff. What was surprising was that about a third of all doctors and a third of all nurses and a third of all cleaners viewed their work as a calling. It is an interesting result and suggests that rather than the job defining whether an individual sees it as a calling, it is deeply influenced by how the individual chooses to view the work…. the art of reframing. 

And why is this important? Those who view work as a calling tend to score higher in overall life satsifaction surveys both within work and outside of work. They tend to be more committed to their team, often have low tendency for conflict and build healthier teams and therefore create higher satsifaction levels for those around them.  

So how do you view your work? A job, a career and calling? Is there a personal cost? How could you reframe how you view your work to connect with your passions and values? And what difference would that make to you?

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