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 The Lift Effect takes executives on a ride of a lifetime, using a network of people, experiences and processes to lift leadership performance. 

- Clare Goodman

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Leaders not keeping up with organisational growth?

Your organisation is experiencing accelerated growth and senior managers are expected to take on leadership positions when they are not ready. What do you do? As the manager you can choose to make do, hire from outside the business or give those with high potential appropriate support to help them grow into their roles?

Managing growth is an art. Often people are placed in positions above their experience and comfort, some will fly and others falter. What can make the difference is targeted support to help the emerging leaders transform into the engaging and effective leader that your business needs to manage through the growingpains.

Clare Goodman offers interventions that work.

Step One
Evaluating the strengths and gaps of the emerging leaders;

  • 360 process
  • Strengths assessment
  • Personality tools
  • Analysis of individual derailers

Step Two
Development of high potential leaders

  • Leadership Development workshops focusing on leadership conversations
    • Visonary
    • Engagement
    • Coaching
    • Performance
  • Executive resilience programs – to build mental strength and stamina
  • Company based scenario’s with observed feedback by professional coaches
  • Executive Coaching program – individual or team


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