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How wonderful…

I have an invitation to all you pessimists out there, spend a day by starting your sentences with “How wonderful…” and notice how you feel.  This was advice given to me recently, as a genetic ‘glass half empty’ girl I was noticing what was wrong with the world but not paying attention to what is working.

Call it positive thinking, call it Positive Psychology, call it putting a spin on things, whatever you call it, the result is the same; a feeling of peace and contentment. Try it for a day and just notice how you feel.

So why does this appear to work, well we know that our thoughts and feelings are linked, what we think, generates a feeling – a chemical response. So what we feel is the result of our thinking. So spending the day looking at what’s wrong, will create feelings that are related to thinking of what is wrong – disappointment, worthlessness and frustration. Does anyone get up in the morning and great the day with the goal of feeling miserable all day, yet mentally some of us create the ‘art of feeling disappointed’.

In ‘Evolve your Brain’ by Joe Dispenza he writes:


Your every thought produces a bio chemical reaction in the brain. The brain releases chemical signals that are transmitted to the body, where they act as messengers of the thought. The thoughts that produce the chemicals in the brain allow you to feel exactly the way you were just thinking. So every thought produces a chemical that is matched by the feeling in your body. Essentially, when you think happy, inspiring or positive thoughts, your brain manufactures chemicals that make you feel joyful, inspired or uplifted. For example when you anticipate an experience that is pleasurable, the brain immediately makes a chemical neurotransmitter called dopamine, which turns the brain and body on in anticipation of the experience and causes you to feel excited. If you have hateful, angry or self deprecating thoughts, the brain also produces neuropeptides that the body responds to in a comparable way. You feel hateful, angry or unworthy. You see your thoughts immediately do become matter

Our thoughts are powerful. Their existence leads to the release of emotional chemicals, and these in turn impact not only our feeling experience but also our health. Our thoughts can lead to us experiencing stressful lives as we negatively interpret our world around us. And experiencing a series of small daily ‘negative thoughts’ just as impactful as some of the more significant stresses in our lives. Dr Craig Hassed from Monash University in his paper Mind-Body Medicine writes:


It seems that immune cells mirror the emotional state. Emotional stress has been associated with a variety of disease states whether that stress is an accumulation of small daily stressors or due to the impact of large ones. In fact, it seems that an accumulation of small daily stressors can be as detrimental, if not more detrimental to health than major stressors… The mechanisms are infinitely complex but the principle is infinitely simple: a healthy and happy mind is fundamental for a healthy body

We have a choice what our mind spends time thinking and focusing on, so why not try something different today and use “How wonderful…”. Use the blog to share your experiences I’m keen to hear what you experience. Have a happy and mindfully healthy day.

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